By way of a brief introduction, KT Connects and our partner can facilitate a corporate trade that enables clients to use their product to part pay for their advertising or other business costs.

Our Partners work with 130 blue chip clients and 240 UK media owners, both having a healthy demand for flights, trips and holidays for both corporate and personal use.

We allow our clients to pay for seats / hotel rooms / cabins using their product or their media inventory and, in turn, secure you new business from these clients.

Our partners work with some major clients from the travel and hospitality sector including British Airways, Virgin Holidays, easyJet, and Celebrity Cruises helping to bring them new business via trading their media – without changing their current media buying arrangements.


We work with clients in a number of ways depending on their business priorities and where we can generate the most amount of value for their business.

We would initially look at either:

  1. Bringing you guaranteed new business
  2. Generating additional media value from your media plans

We and our partners work with you / your media buying agency to identify the elements of your media plan we can trade and then confirm the volume of additional business we would secure you /or additional media value we are able to deliver you based on that media plan.

We do not change your current media agency or media buying arrangements.


Like all profitable relationships, we pride ourselves  on the significant value we deliver to our clients year after year.

We would very much welcome the opportunity to show you how you could benefit from working with us and outline specific value that would be delivered based on your marketing objectives.