Commercial / Product

As I have been a Hotel Purchasing Director at board level I have a full understanding of contracting of hotels, loading, pricing and the current hotel price restrictions.

I have access to your competitors’ systems and can provide regular commercial price comparisons on a SWOT test basis, on key best sellers and commitments and deposit hotels. This is crucial to be on top of the market and to stay competitive.

In addition, if there is a product that needs to be pushed, I can set up specific targeted flash sales offers for key agents.

Other GRN Connect products, such as train – car hire and transfers or excursions, I also know the key transfer companies within the UK and Europe and there are opportunities for growth also. In addition, the more specialised product outside of hotels can be of interest to more specialised companies looking for differentiated product.

The team at KTConnect includes associates who have held board level purchasing – contracting level positions in some of the top companies in worldwide travel.

This includes negotiation skills in;

Hotels – FIT, DMC, GDS, Channel Manager, XML – API

Cars – As Above

Transfers – As above

Excursions – As above

Flights – As above

Tourist Boards

This gives you access to experts in every key area of contracting and negotiation, In addition and in line with the Commercial Analysis, buying intelligently and at the correct rates for your business to succeed.